How can we improve ngmoco:)?

Incentive for Castle Upgrade: tax increase, ability to switch between castles, custom colors, etc.

Currently there is no good reason to upgrade your castle, its just an expense - with each castle upgrade it should increase the money collected from your buildings (tax increase).

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    ddehoyos shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    under review  ·  Jared responded  · 

    Hi all. Recently in a We Rule planning meeting the idea of involving your castle in some sort of meaningful fashion came into discussion. We’re definitely exploring this as a means to deliver new types of gameplay experience and we’ll be sure to keep you all informed should some of these ideas come into fruition. Thanks!


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        My god!!! We rule still can't get a " plant all " button or a faster way to plant crops?! How many complaints do you need?? ESP for higher lvl people who have lots of plots! It's like a darn chore !!

      • Ty Williams (Tyger99 lvl 53) commented  · 

        How about more ways to increase Mojo? A castle upgrade may cost 500k, but will give you 50 mojo and an increase with each level's mojo reward for example

      • Nozzledog commented  · 

        What about increasing the "Your people love you" reward with the higher level castles? Or make it only possible to buy the adjacent lots if you own the castle of the same level?

      • effigy75 commented  · 

        This sounds like a great idea.

      • Ryan Cooke commented  · 

        How about taking this into consideration as well: give us an opportunity to BUY all the limited gifts which most of us never ever gotten one in the first place. So-called MoJo boosted only gotten me coins & XPs most of the time; if not, would be the buildings I already have purchased. PLEASE CONSIDER!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I need to know how to stack buildings? Can anyone help me? Thanks

      • Joy Bryant commented  · 

        What about the upgrade of the castles being complementary with the levels achieved (say every 10 levels) and payment to increase the land size optional at every level? But please keep the purchase price to a reasonable amount eg maximum 100,000 coins. I like the idea of the castles being interactive eg treasures inside, inner quests, special gifts for players that help build your kingdom (as opposed to those who regularly fail to fill friendly orders) etc.

      • Kathy commented  · 

        I would like to have the option to switch between all the castles I have paid for.

      • Rez commented  · 

        That's a great idea... Also I have a question to everyone from last 3 days my gift box is missing and I couldn't see any of my neighbors I am checking every 3 hours but no news could u pls help me what do I have to do? Thx for your help

      • Dawnie Burleigh commented  · 

        Great idea. This would become a great all round game then. I enjoy decorating my realms and this would become a type of internal realm. Different people play We Rule with different aims. Not everyone just wants to be on a lisy

      • Alexandria commented  · 

        This sounds like a great idea. Upgrading your castle is very expensive and takes a lot of time to save up all that money. Having your taxes increased, at least would be a great incentive to save up. As long as it's more than two coins or something ridiculous like that. Also I am not really looking forward to one of those big black castles. It just looks like a big black hole!

      • stevejh commented  · 

        I like this idea. The castle upgrades at the higher levels don't offer any incentive (larger realm size) to buy. Maybe the castle upgrades at the higher levels could be purchased to add the inside castle realm feature.

      • Kim commented  · 

        I wish we could change castles to the ones we have gotten in the past. Aslo I'd like to have the colors changeable on each one also. That would be really fun.

      • Sweetdove commented  · 

        I really like this idea! There no incentive to upgrade the castles plus it's too costly!! A tax increase would work.

      • Stacy commented  · 

        love this idea! i have no interest in upgrading because it is so expensive and I don't get anything in return but a different looking castle...doesn't seem worth it for me. Tax increase however would definitely make me think twice :)

      • escout commented  · 

        exactly. no incentive to upgrade castles.

      • NEESEDRAGON commented  · 

        Castle upgrades could increase the money and xp earned by the buildings in the main realm...

      • Karenaz commented  · 

        An interior realm(s) - each interior realm could be a room and you could decorate - and for those who want to store stuff they could place them there. But me I would LOVE to go in castle and put furniture and grow the interior rooms!

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