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Options Menu

A options button with all sorts of potential choices ranging from feature choices to advanced newer hardware only choices. Suggestions :

Weather on/off
Day Night on/off
Incoming Orders on/off
Lots of NPCs on/off (i miss having one npc for every, single building)
All Load on/off (imagine every realm up on screen with your kingdom with a small green border separating them... all at once)
Advanced Animation on/off (npcs travel on roads, wave at eachother, carriages come and go, guards patrol walls, stuff)
Volume Controls
Castle Toggle (choose from all you've purchased)

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    Taeles shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    under review  ·  AdminJoe (Player Relationships Manager, ngmoco:)) responded  · 

    We’re currently researching this feature for a future update. At this time we don’t have a rundown of exactly what options will be available, but please list those you’d like to see in the comments section for their consideration.



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      • Shan Russell commented  · 

        I really like the theme music used for this game, but it kinda stinks that I can only hear it if I plug in earphones or speakers. Please change that! Also concerning sound, there should be an alert sound for ready to harvest crops etc when Ive closed the app! I agree 100% with all other complaints, but these were mine. :)

      • Me commented  · 

        Uninstalled this the minute I found that you can't turn off/down sound or the damned notifications. No, turning off the sound on my phone entirely every time I want to play is not an "option"(turning of the phone volume while in game doesn't turn of the sound from all the notifications). Hopefully you fix this before you lose more customers.

      • David Daniel commented  · 

        Let me turn the annoying sound OFF! This has to be my biggest complaint about We Rule, other than the fact that I can no longer play on my iPad. Neither version of We Rule loads anymore.
        But that's a topic for another place, lol.

      • Packard Sonic commented  · 

        With the gift cart, ability to choose what gift you are giving or random instead of just random.

      • Troy Grove commented  · 

        I definitely want a day/night feature!

      • Teah commented  · 

        I'm sorry I lied about purchasing mojo when I didn't.

      • Kurt Buck commented  · 

        Double tap to zoom OFF! Very annoying when trying to work with things and the screen zooms in and out randomly because the phone thinks you are double tapping.

      • Sue newett (purrcatz) commented  · 

        I'd love to have a button to freeze the zoom option. When a realm gets crowded, the zoom is annoying! I'd also love to be able to plant the same crop without having to individually select each time. Another thing that would be nice to have is old stuff and limited edition stuff available every two or three months or so. I have missed so much because I wasn't on the level when it was offered. PS I have enjoyed this last sale very much - but I wasnt able to get everything I wanted. Thanks

      • Campievanner commented  · 

        Could the night/day reflect the time zone that the user is in so that people ordering in their day time know that the kingdom they are ordering from may be in bed. It isn't obvious where people live.
        Perhaps the redesign mode needs a tweek as it is so easy (especially on an iphone) to select the wrong item and move something that is fine or an undo redesign move.
        Some curves would be good for rivers etc.

      • Karenaz commented  · 

        I would like to be able to toggle on balloons in my kingdom that show orders I am working on. Weather and day/night toggle would be fantastic too. A sound toggle on/off would be useful..

      • SeeleyCat commented  · 

        I would VERY MUCH like an incoming orders on/off option. Would also like to turn off the doubleclick to zoom, more flexibility in choosing what notifications to get, and the ability to turn off the music without turning off the other sound effects.

      • Lozinozz commented  · 

        I like the idea of day and night. Also I,d like to be able to sort out my crops. I'm sick of accidentally planting garlic instead of mushrooms. Would also like to be able to turn the music down as it interferes with my own music. :)

      • Twystys commented  · 

        Option to turn off double tap to zoom

      • Lovelylemontart commented  · 

        Personally, a volume/mute option would be a favourite for me. My friends and family are always complaining how my phone is always set to silent. That's because I log on to WR far more often than I take calls so the music gets totally annoying. Also, I would love to see more advanced options for the notifications. I get quite poor reception where I live and it drives me nutswhen I'm planting 30 crops at once when my signal drops out. I then get 30 notes telling me about it (each about a second apart but not long enough apart for me to close them as they appear) and then I have to close each note individually and wait a second for the next one to pop up. Altogether this process takes around a minute or 2 and happens probably twice or 3x a day. It gets frustrating. If only one of those notes popped up it would be much less annoying.
        I haven't had many issues with graphics but when I do, I find it has nothing to do with my cpu and everything to do with my signal (I bought the very first iPhone which I gave away and now have both a 3gs and a 4g) I do think the rougher graphics should be available to those who want them and the better graphics for others. Maybe you could make it a "speed load" option which gives low graphic quality and maybe turns the npcs off. I would use this option when network connectivity is low as this has the most effect on my loading time and crashes.
        I agree with the mojo on/off option as it can be so easy to accidentally mojo something when the mojo button is immediately next to the notification switch. Am I the only person who has to flick the note switch 2 or 3x b4 it actually flicks permenantly accross?
        Weather, seasons, time of day and npcs are cool but unnecessary. These are a great feature for those times when u just like looking. I would love to see stuff like this but I know that like everything else, it would alter the load time for those of us with limited connectivity. Of course I would have to stop playing if it took too long.

      • CaraE commented  · 

        Include gift cart on/off
        Gift cart bubble on/off

      • opvind commented  · 

        Use Mojo on/off and Confirm all use of Mojo on/off
        Harvest all / plant all on/off
        Animations on/off
        Crash diagnostics on/off :-P

      • Jason commented  · 

        I agree with talkmaster, Morning, day, evening and night would bring out We Rules ability to mimic real time.

      • takmaster commented  · 

        day and night option would be best, with nice lights behind the windows...

      • fah20 commented  · 

        The ability to TURN OFF unused crops so you don't accidently hit garlic or any other "filler crop" If I only grow Mushrooms and Bamboo I would like to turn the others off for example and thus remove them from the crop menu. If we have the ability also to "remove cloud animation or dragon flapping wings" I am CERTAIN that would reduce crashes as it would improve CPU workload.

      • Taeles commented  · 

        - On/Off switch for residental houses tax collecting.
        - More detail in what sends notifications. businesses, farms, groves would each have an on/off toggle in this subgroup.
        - On/Off switch for the 'degrading' graphics on older devices so folks can choose stability vs presentation for themselves.

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